An Architect of Firsts

White Lotus Development was established in Nicosia by the Architects Çiğdem Nailer and Erinç Nailer in 2015 with a 30-year experience of their family company MESAN in TRNC and puts its signature under the most assertive and niche projects in the Northern Cyprus.

Established in 2015 by combining 400,000 m2 project and construction experience legacy of more than thirty years with the aim of launching innovative and contemporary projects and building the firsts in the construction sector, White Lotus Development offers solutions in Project Development, Analysis and Design, Construction Management and Inspection and Sales and After-Sales Service, Property Management, Rental and Resale fields. Under the umbrella of White Lotus Properties & Management, the company carries out all of its rental, maintenance, cleaning and takeover/transfer services with a professional and corporate perspective.

Adopting the principle of analyzing dreams and desires and realizing its investments in the highest quality, profitable, efficient and visionary way, White Lotus Development makes a difference with its innovative and sustainable projects that are sensitive to the relevant region.