From the Directors

“With our innovative approach, we are an architect of the firsts in the Northern Cyprus, and we produce projects that add value to both the TRNC and our customers. We don’t just design houses, offices, social spaces; we develop areas that touch life, where all your needs are considered and where you will feel privileged, and we support all our projects with our after-sales management services. It is always very important for us to create value for our stakeholders and ensure their highest level of satisfaction. With this vision, we are always improving the services we offer.”

-Erinç Nailer

“The spaces and areas where we live our lives are a part of life. As White Lotus Development, we use nature and what nature offers us as design elements while designing your home, office and social spaces. We take care to develop environmental-friendly buildings and projects that add value to the region. All of our designs are human-oriented. We design the physical areas where people live as simple, cozy and comfortable living spaces that meet the needs of the users and make their lives easier. We launch the projects, which we designed with inspiration from the past and anticipating the future, with the awareness of our responsibility to the environment and people and by taking into account the universal and social values. We construct buildings that you will enjoy spending time in and around in every period of your life, and, so to say, we develop “timeless projects” from today to tomorrow. “

-Çiğdem Nailer

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