The starting element of project development services is generally the following duo: a land and/or a business idea.

Regardless of the stage of development process where our company is involved in, the business idea is tested first. Feasibility is supported by market research, and the target audience is determined.

Then, the process of developing the project suitable for the target audience starts and if there is a land suitable to this, the feasibility of this land is tested. In case the test results negative, we look for a suitable land.

If there is already a land and a project is to be developed on it, the best use analysis is performed on the land.

The function or functions suitable for the land location and zoning situations are determined, and zoning status is changed if necessary.

If the developed structure is a commercial real estate such as a business center, then actors such as the operator and tenants are involved in the process.

The effective role of our company in real estate development comes to the fore at this stage.
A framework that will satisfy the official authorities, institutions and individuals and all relevant stakeholders is created.

After the necessary preliminary permissions are obtained and the financing model is determined, the construction process starts by designing a product suitable for the target audience.

It is ensured that the production is completed with the determined quality, budget and time through the control mechanisms in the production process. Occupancy and/or operation permits are obtained and the sales or operation process starts in line with the predetermined feasibility or business plan.

Our company invests in some of the real estate projects it develops, as well as continuously evaluates potential cooperation alternatives with other parties such as land owners, operators and investors.

White Lotus Development made its first investment in 2017 by observing and analyzing the developments in the sector. Hundreds of projects, which the company has examined since the year it was established, have provided an experience that cannot be ignored in determining the most suitable project for investment.

With a knowledge, expertise and experience in location selection, tracking developing regions, market analysis, feasibility, zoning legislation and real estate law, White Lotus Development shows its difference at these points.

White Lotus Development, which made its first investment in the sector with a housing project, revealed its interest in different segments of real estate by developing the Celsus Business Office & Residence project.

One of its kind in the Northern Cyprus, Celsus Business Center & Residence is a world-class Business Center and Residence project with completely independent entrances.

Whether you are the owner, contractor or investor of the project, you need to deal with a number of requirements at every stage of your construction project.

Our project management services provide comprehensive inspection, surveillance and commissioning services for all project types, regardless of size or location.

As White lotus Development, we offer you our extensive experience in all aspects of construction.

As a result, we can help you reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, keep budgets under control, and realize your construction project on schedule.

We can also help you comply with all the requirements, either regulatory, optional, or customer related.

Thanks to our expert staff, we provide reliable project management services to public institutions, private investors, real estate owners, insurers and construction companies across the island.

With our “After-Sales Services”, which is the most important criterion when investing in a geography that you are not familiar with, we continue to support you in important matters that require time and attention, such as rental, management, maintenance, and legal transactions you need after buying the property.

As White Lotus Development, the most dynamic real estate developer of the Northern Cyprus, with a service understanding that goes beyond mere real estate consultancy, we offer the right alternatives by understanding the needs of our customers, and we offer the opportunity to progress with “one relevant party” not only in buying the property, but also in the further process.

If you join the White Lotus Development family by buying a residence from our White Lotus Development Projects, you can benefit from our professional and experienced services. Our after-sales services carried out by prioritizing the customer satisfaction;

Property Management

  • Deed transfer transactions
  • Electricity, Water and Telephone subscription applications
  • Upon request, advice and assistance in purchasing furniture and white goods
  • Housing insurance (earthquake, flood, fire, theft, etc.)
  • Car rental assistance and airport transfer organization
  • Site management (Security and Maintenance Services)
  • Project Management (Construction Services)
  • Catering

Rental and Resale

While we provide you the highest return on the management of the real estate we sell (short-term rental or long-term rental for touristic purposes) or in the resale process, we also take care of all administrative and operational processes on your behalf.